Pull requests are bad

Not always.

But more often than you would think, pull requests are not the greatest way to handle software development. I will go as far as saying sometimes pull-request driven development is the worst way to move a team forward.

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Per repository history in zsh

A month or two ago, I was working on multiple repositories at once and switching between the repositories way too often, and this was starting to get annoying... every time I relied on my bash history to do something specific to that repository, my shell activity in other project was getting in the way.

To solve this problem, I decided to take a radical approach. What if I was only storing my shell history per repository, not having access to global history, and only restricting myself to the commands I've already executed in my current repository.

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Understanding the borrow checker

To learn Rust one of the most challenging things I had to deal with was the borrow checker... It used to drive me crazy. Every time I used to compile something or do a cargo check the borrow checker was angry.

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